Mastermind Workshop for New Parents

Do you feel supported as a new parent?
Have you been feeling like you could use an extra hand, or two, or three?
Tired of seeing all those Instaperfect parents?

Well then, COME ON OVER
and join me for this one-of-a-kind Mastermind!

About the Event

PARENT LIKE A BOSS is a one-day-only exclusively inclusive workshop run by me, the mastermind behind this event, Candice Tizzard. My goal is to encourage all new parents to tap further into their badassery and become the most amazing incredible human beings they want to be, not only for their children but also for themselves. You will have the opportunity to meet other real-life parents, to hear and learn from their true life stories and struggles, all with the guidance of a skilled perinatal coach.

If that sounds awesome to you, then join me on March 23, and I’ll show you how to PARENT LIKE A BOSS!

What's on the fun menu?

A journal you can use at all times

You’ll receive a free journal at the event and get guidance from an authentic birth coach to fill in the blanks for the duration.

Bounce your ideas with other parents

Because we’re all in this together! This is a welcome space where you can meet other new or experienced parents, in all their realness.

Help with postpartum

Get the support you desperately need, meet others in this same season of life and, who knows, maybe even make new friends?

Meet villagers in your community

Because, you know…it takes a village! From post-natal yoga instructors and teachers, to doulas to birth photographers and more, we’d all love to meet you!

Snacks (because who doesn't love those?)

Snacks, tea, and soda will be offered during this 4-hour mastermind workshop. Babes in arms are welcome too!!


HI! I’m not only the CEO and founder of Stages Family Services, I’m also a birth coach, a mom of 3, a doulatog (doula + birth photographer), and a lover of everything babies—not just humans, fur babies too! I’m the biggest and loudest cheerleader when the time comes to deliver new little humans, or be you and your partner’s birth and pregnancy human version of Google without the advice, or when you need hugs when you’re overwhelmed by all the “Who? What? How?”s of giving birth and everything that happens after. I’m especially proud of my hugs! *Ahem*

Candice's other specialties include:

  • There’s no compromise in the quality of my services; I go all in when it comes to making sure you and your family’s emotional needs are being met during every stage of birth.
  • My loud and proud confidence is how magical things happen during a birth, whether it’s getting you to hydrate or eat, or being the cheerleader and affirmation giver!
  • 15+ years of experience supporting families as a mom of 3, a birth photographer, a doula, a perinatal coach, and everything else in between, minus all the ‘backseating’ advice.
  • Certified in many birth related things such as breast/chest feeding, postpartum training, and too much else to list, all thanks to my stubborn will to learn everything about birth.

Meet Your Village

Registration Deadline

Join us for a day of learning, laughter, and connection. With limited seats available, you don’t want to miss out.

Register before March 15, 2024 to secure your spot!

Registration ends in:


The nitty-gritty details!

March 23, 2024

From 10am-2pm
per person $100
  • FREE E-journal
  • Snacks, tea and soda
  • 4 hours of perinatal mentorship
  • Free hugs 🙂
  • Seats are limited so HURRY and get your tickets now!


Bellies Community, located in Unit 205 12165 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 2K7


“Candice was an amazing doula and birth photographer at my son’s birth! I am so thankful that she was a part of my team.”

Adeline Tufts

“Candice is amazing! She was our doula for both of our daughters and I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about her.”

Brooke Christensen

“Stages will always have a special place in my heart. Candice truly is something else and I HIGHLY recommend her services.”

Christina Thunder

Seats are limited so HURRY and get your tickets now!

All purchases made are final and non-refundable.

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